Friday, December 9, 2016

Water Skiing Tips for Beginning Skiers

An owner and restaurateur in the Houston, Texas, area, Assad Boulos most recently opened Juan Parrilla, a restaurant that serves Latin fusion dishes. When not at one of his numerous businesses, Assad Boulos enjoys water skiing.

Invented by American Ralph Samuelson in 1922, water skiing began when Samuelson used two boards and a clothesline attached to a boat. The sport has evolved and now typically involves a person standing on one or two specially designed skis. The person crouches in the water with his or her feet on the skis, holds a handle on a rope, and is towed along by a boat.

According to USA Water Ski, beginning skiers should keep a few key tips in mind.

* Place the rope and handle between the skis. When ready, you should signal the boat driver to begin accelerating. Slowly rise to a sitting position.

* Maintain the proper body position in the water, which includes keeping your arms straight, bending your knees, and looking toward the boat.

* Release pressure on one foot and put pressure on the other foot to turn. For instance, to turn toward the left wake, place pressure on your right foot.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden Features Rare Species and More


Assad Boulos earned an associate’s degree in business at South Texas Junior College. As president of ANA, Inc., Assad Boulos owns and operates 10 different shopping centers and retail convenience stores around the Houston area. Away from work obligations, he enjoys traveling and visiting places in the Miami area, including the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden.

Situated in Coral Gables, Florida, southwest of Miami, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden consists of 83 acres. The garden was established by Robert H. Montgomery in 1936 and designed by architect William Lyman Phillips. The garden was named after Dr. David Fairchild, a former explorer who brought over 20,000 types of plants during his travels around the world. Upon entering the botanic garden, visitors will get to experience the tropics.

The garden features a variety of exhibits that provide visitors the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the tropical world, including several rare plants such as cycads, palms, vines, and flowering trees. In addition to plants, there are thousands of tropical fish and exotic butterflies. Some of the exotic butterflies include leopard lacewing, bamboo page, and blue morpho. Children and adults have the ability to see these butterflies up close when the garden releases them twice daily.